Who Relies On IMTG


Who Relies On IMTG To Manage 
Their E-learning Delivery And Outcomes?

Savy Content Developer who want their e-learning content to deliver the maximum results for their clients.

E-learning content developers that require additional, specialised skills in order to get the best learning outcome possible for their clients, use IMTG to manage their e-learning Delivery.

Smart e-learning Content Developers realise that their clients need more than ‘just’ great training in order to meet their goals and objectives. This is why they partner with IMTG to make sure that their fantastic training actually empowers the learner by getting it into their hands as effectively as possible.

The end clients of e-learning Content Developers will benefit from IMTGs e-learning Delivery by being able to report on learner progress with a minimum of fuss. IMTG uses a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) which means that learners are able to enjoy the best possible experience when learning — which is why you develop high quality e-learning materials in the first place isn’t it?

Human Resource & Learning Managers Who need to be able to Deliver Compliance training ‘Next Week’

The big problem with training required for compliance reasons is the short deadlines to roll it out. Not being able to roll out compliance training quickly and easily can result in businesses being exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and delays, until the training has been delivered.

This is mission critical – How much can your company afford to pay in fines before your job is on the line?

In order to be able to quickly and effectively roll out compliance training to 10s, 100s 1,000s or 10,000s learners, smart Human Resource Managers and Learning & Development Managers using IMTG’s e-learning delivery platform to deliver mission-critical compliance training to their learners.

Human Resource & Learning Managers who Are Dissatisfied With the performance of their current e-learning platform

While getting basic reports and information out of most e-Learning systems is fairly routine, Human Resource Managers and Learning & Development Managers who have complex training delivery requirements often find their e-Learning Systems unable to meet all of their requirements.

Either the system is slow and unreliable, it’s too complex to roll out additional trainings or update existing trainings or the reporting systems is not able to deliver the reports necessary to make managing completions easy.

This is why Human Resource Managers and Learning & Development Managers rely on I.M.T.G. e-learning delivery systems to get a simple, easy to use system that learners enjoy using and that can clearly track completions and report on it.

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Supporting CRM Shouldn’t Be A Burden To Your Organization

Who Relies On IMTG To Manage 
Their E-learning Delivery And Outcomes?

Sales Organisations Who Need Accountability, Visibility And Structure Around Their Sales Process

Many sales managers use CRM in order be able to track their deal flow, make sure that all deals are being advanced at an appropriate rate and to create the necessary structure around their sales process to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams.

Using IMTG’s CRM they are able to get a flexible customisable system that meets their needs perfectly to drive deal flow. IMTG’s CRM sales organisations are able to forecast their funnel effectively and to make sure that their sales team is following their sales process.

Organisations Who Requiring a Team Collaboration Platform 

For many organisations there is not an adequate platform available for their teams to collaborate on projects and track them through to completion without endless double handling of materials, version tracking and who has the next action to move projects to completion successfully.

IMTG’s CRM system provide a flexible collaboration platform and can be tailored to manage workflow to deliver a trackable system that allows fast and effective project collaboration while eliminating many of the double handling inefficiencies and issues normally associated with team members trying to work collaboratively with one another.

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Who Relies on IMTG For Their Cloud
Computing Optimisation and increasing ROI?

Large Organisations Who Don’t Want The Ballooning Costs Associated With Running Major Applications In-house 

Many organisations are moving their applications onto the cloud in order to reduce overheads increase profits while delivering better performance. They also are now faced with an increasing need for open access for third parties to access applications outside the fire wall for this reason they are turning to the cloud as an easier alternative.

However getting optimal performance from applications on the cloud is a specialised operation. IMTG has been specialising in hosting applications on the cloud since its inception in 2000 and knows how to squeeze every last drop of performance out of cloud applications so that their end-users are happy and the organisation sees a return on their investment while lowering overhead expenses.

Software Vendors Who Want Better Performance From Their Hosted or SaaS Solutions

Optimising the performance of hosted applications is a specialised process, requiring the integration of multiple skills sets. For this reason there is often untapped performance available for many SaaS or hosted software vendors.

Using IMTG’s specialised skill sets allows many SaaS or hosted software vendors to squeeze more performance out of their offering in order to retain users longer, keep the satisfied and purchasing more services from them.

Start Up Software Businesses Who Want To Get Their Hosted Software To Work Right From The Beginning

The big challenge for first time software entrepreneurs is they have little to no experience with creating software specifically to be used in hosted environments or to be onsold either as SaaS or hosted solutions.

This means that the earlier versions under-perform because of poor software architecture and coding. This creates unnecessary work and is also reduces time to market as an inferior quality product does not make selling it any easier.

This is why Start Up Software Businesses Who Want To Get Their Hosted Software To Work Right From The Beginning will use IMTG’s cloud optimisation services in order to get it right the first time.


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