IMTG is an IT consultancy that helps medium, large and enterprise organisations obtain more leverage and better results from their IT investments. IMTG helps organisations with Digital Transformation  including Managed Cloud Services, Customer Relationships Management (CRM), and e-learning solutions.

At IMTG we're more than just an IT solutions partner; we're a catalyst for transformation. Founded on the principles of innovation, reliability, and excellence, our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions that enable their Digital Transformation success.


IMTG was
founded in 2000

IMTG was founded in 2000 and the team has successfully delivered projects for our clients in the e-learning, CRM and Managed Cloud Services space. IMTG has grown steadily over time and now operates across multiple locations including, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and New York. Our team is also spread throughout Manila, Slovenia and Ireland.

Since redefining best practices for cloud computing for a leading e-learning vendor, IMTG has become actively involved in Managed Cloud Services and several software as a service (SaaS) solutions including CRM and e-learning. The team at IMTG offer a unique set of expertise in the market.

Having extensive experience with both Open Source and proprietary software — the team understands the unique role both can play in growing an organisation and delivering actual, tangible results.

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IMTG Core Values

Delivering results for clients is a process rather than an event. This informs how IMTG does business. IMTG will not recommend a client does anything that they wouldn’t do themselves in the same situation.

In the words of our Managing Director:

"If we wouldn’t recommend (a solution) to our most trusted friends and associates, we won’t recommend it to our clients"

This is because at IMTG we operate within our key values of integrity, honesty and transparency. Continuous improvement remains the key to long term success for our clients. Without the prospect of sustained partnership and long terms growth IMTG will refuse to work with a given client — it would draw resources away from existing clients and it would not be in the client’s long term best interests either.

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At IMTG our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing top-tier IT solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our people are at the heart of our success. The IMTG global team is driving us forward with their expertise, dedication, and vision.

Our Global Team

We pride ourselves on our expansive team that spans across continents — from the vibrant city of Sydney in Australia, to the bustling tech hub of New York, the cultural crossroads of Europe, and the innovative landscape of Asia. This global presence not only enriches us with diverse perspectives but also enables us to offer round-the-clock support to our clients.

Expertise Across Borders

Our team is a melting pot of talent, specialising in Managed cloud services and support, bespoke application development, e-learning and CRM solutions implementation and management. The breadth and depth of our expertise allow us to undertake and deliver on complex and large-scale projects, demonstrating our capacity to navigate the intricacies of the digital world with ease.

Unified in Diversity

Despite the geographical distances, we operate as a single, cohesive unit. Our well-coordinated efforts ensure seamless communication and project execution, reflecting our commitment to achieving collective success. Our unified approach is our strength, enabling us to deliver exceptional results consistently.


Makis Marmaridis, is an expert in making technology deliver great results for organisations. He brings together the rigour of an academic and the practical world view of a seasoned professional. His focus is on Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Cloud and SaaS solutions. Makis may have limited availability for keynote and speaking engagements - for enquiries email [email protected]

Meet Some of Our Senior Team

Service Delivery and Client Success Manager


A veteran of the IT industry with a passion for building and leading high performance  teams that delight clients. Nick oversees our service delivery and support teams including client success for our clients globally.

Head of Implementations and Development


Our application development head wizard, Luke, oversees our talented developer teams across Australia, Europe and Asia. Those are the people responsible for turning ideas into reality through code for our clients.

Cloud Architect and Hosting Ops Team Leader


An experienced Cloud Architect and leader of people, Alex manages the teams that help solve complex problems and ensure our Managed Cloud and Hosting  services run smoothly around the clock.

IMTG is a trusted parter for consulting and services to:

  • Several Major Banks in Australia
  • Airlines
  • Financial Institutions & Insurance Organizations
  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Large Retail Chains
  • Australian Government Departments