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Trying to Implement the Best CRM Software is Overwhelming

Without the right guidance...

  • Productivity stalls or (worse) dips
  • You waste time implementing the wrong solution that doesn't move the needle
  • You guess instead of following a proven process

And that leads to wasted effort and feeling like a failure while letting the team down. We don't want that for you. IMTG has given thousands of executives a plan for growing revenue, influence and efficiency. Our plan will work for you too.

Learn and Install the Three Core Pillars that will Drive Success for Your Organisation

Pillar 1 - Manage Incoming

Manage incoming enquiries with speed and confidence. Never let volume or complexity of work get in the way of providing prompt, on-point, on-brand responses at speeds that will amaze your leads, prospects and clients. Stand out with your responsiveness without adding more work or effort for your team.

Pillar 2 - Follow up at scale

Build relationships and grow influence at scale. Have authentic, relevant and targeted communications, at the right time, with the right people.
Help your team move the needle and drive success without compromising the quality of  their interactions with your prospects, stakeholders or supporters.

Pillar 3 - Streamline Your Processes

Learn how to eliminate waste from your processes, and gain speed and traction like never before. Bring your information together, and make sure people across the organisation are on the same page, and act on what matters most with confidence. Make manual effort and double handling of information between systems a thing of the past. 

Your Plan for Implementing a CRM that Grows Revenue, Influence and Efficiency in Your Business

1. Join IMTG

      From just $22/user/month, you get access to our enterprise-level CRM that puts your goals front and centre and your people on the same page.

2. Get a Plan

      Our tailored implementation plan, resource tools and guidance give you a plan you can easily implement to ensure gains you can measure and report on with certainty.

3. Watch Your Organisation Thrive

      With a plan that’s proven to work at implementing a CRM solution for growing revenue, influence and efficiency, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of overwhelm subsides.

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