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Melbourne Water
Rises Above The Tide With IMTG

Melbourne Water Training and Development

We needed a solution that would help us to revitalise and optimise the on-boarding process

When it comes to induction processes for an organisation like Melbourne Water, which conducts approximately 2,000 inductions per year, it needs to be effective and informative, first time and the 1,999 times afterwards.

The Government owned operation, which manages and treats water supplies, catchments and drainage systems in Victoria, needed to create a more consistent and comprehensive eLearning program for new staff and contractors. With long-term goals in place to develop an end-to-end solution of their own, Melbourne Water sought a more effective, temporary solution for their needs.

At the end of 2012 they approached eLearning content creator Omni Asia Pacific, who recommended eLearning and IT management specialists IMTG as the eLearning platform provider.

Melbourne Water Training and Development Manager Michael Robinson is responsible for sourcing, developing and implementing relevant eLearning solutions for the organisation, “We needed a solution that would help us to revitalise and optimise the on-boarding process at Melbourne Water, something that could offer a three-tiered approach for contractors and new starters.

Historically our induction process lacked content and consistency, becoming labour intensive for the training team. We needed a sustainable solution, which would fulfill our provisional requirements while we developed an end-to-end solution in house

Through partner and custom educational content creator Omni Asia Pacific, Melbourne Water was recommended the eLearning platform from IMTG. IMTG’s eLearning platform provides specialised content development and support to ensure that employees are provided with the ultimate learning experience, and organisations receive accurate reporting on results.

Implementation of the IMTG platform took place from 2012, where it helped to empower new Melbourne Water employees and contractors, by ensuring they received the most relevant and informative training, which can be completed in between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours offsite, prior to attendance.

The IMTG solution was simple and easy to use and provided us with a platform that remained stable throughout our use. We had very specific requirements, and IMTG delivered, and in fact, despite this being a project-based situation for IMTG, we received the best when it came to customer service. We didn’t need to escalate anything and the team were highly responsive whenever we had a question or request.


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